Mag One accessories are the only value-line of audio accessories tested and certified by Motorola and offer greater affordability and solid performance. These accessories do not meet the same level of specifications as our Motorola Original accessories. This Mag One swivel earpiece fits flexibly around the ear so you can comfortably communicate with co-workers. This accessory has an in-line microphone and push-to-talk.

Receive-only D-shell earpiece. Compatible with all remote speaker microphones that have a 3.5mm audio jack.

SAVOX C-C4000 to be used as a remote large push-to-talk.

This is a standard li-ion battery with 2150mAh capacity. It has IP55 rating and meets the IPX7 water-submersible rating.

This is a USB cable for programming and data.

Carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit your radio and battery and permit audio to be heard clearly. This soft leather carrying case with 3-inch swivel belt loop is designed for use with the MTP3000 series limited and full keypad models. Swivel model cases secure to a belt loop and allow the case to swing freely from side to side. The swivel latch system also allows the radio and case to be removed from the belt loop by simply inverting the case and lifting it up and out of the belt loop.

Peter Jones (ILG) Klick Fast sew-on dock attaches to shoulder-wearing device with Peter Jones (ILG) Klick Fast stud PMLN5004.

Peter Jones (ILG) Klick Fast snap on tag dock – attaches to shoulder wearing device with Peter Jones (ILG) Klick Fast stud

Multi unit charger with 6 battery pockets, includes UK plug adapter. You can mix and match any Motorola TETRA battery in this charger, but you must have the battery adapter insert for your radio.

Desktop dual-unit charger for charging radio and spare battery simultaneously (Euro plug)